Watching Pauline

Watching Pauline


It always pleases me when I see a slave obeying her Master, and
Pauline's letters on the bulletin board were especially pleasing since
I had shared some correspondence with her Master in the past. As I
read her interraction with others on the system I came to appreicate
her more and more. She was obviously an intelligent woman who had
chosen to be submissive and who was very much aware of her own needs
as well as the needs of her Master. A woman like that is worth her
weight in cunt juice. (Substitute gold if you like, we are all
entitled to our opinion of which is more valuable).
It became obvious rather quickly that Pauline, her Master and I
had alot of similar interests and approaches to Dominance and
submission. Now that I've met her I know that we would have been
aware of that instinctively had we met in real life first, but it was
pretty easy to tell through our correspondence as well.
Charlie and I planned the meeting for quite some time prior to
its actual occurence. Pauline was aware of our correspondence and
knew that we were planning to use her together sometime, but we
managed to keep the date and details from her, simply to enhance the
excitement for her. In the meantime Charlie had her keep in touch
with me both online and over the telephone, letting her interest build
and her pussy get wetter and wetter.
We had planned for Charlie and Pauline to meet at a hotel in a
city not far from where Pauline lives. I had hoped we would be able
to schedule several days together, but on this first meeting we only

had one day and a few hours of the evening to spend together. Charlie
was fucking Pauline pretty regularly by then so it wasn't any problem
to get her in the hotel room whenever he chose.
I had come to town a couple of days early and had gotten to know
the people in the restuarant well enough that I was able to talk them
into letting me play the role of a waiter on the day of our meeting.
Pauline and I had never exchanged photo's, so she had no idea what I
looked like.
We arranged for Charlie and Pauline to have breakfast together in
the hotel restuarant the day of our meeting, and of course I was the
waiter at their table. I was pleasantly surprised at how attractive
she was, and as I contemplated what was going to take place the rest
of the day I found my cock hardening and pushing the front of my
slacks out noticably.
Charlie had instructed Pauline to wear a dress and was playing
with her legs as they ordered their breakfast. He was sliding it up
her long legs, letting it rise nearly to the tops of her stockings as
they perused the menu. I made no secret of the fact that I was
watching, and Pauline blushed with the knowledge that Charlie was
exposing her to the waiter. Charlie acted as if nothing at all was
happening, and Pauline never made any move to stop him, regardless of
how high he slid the thin material up her thighs. It was certainly
having an effect on me, and I could tell that it was exciting Pauline

as well. When I had taken their orders I collected all the napkins
from the table before walking away, as if it were the most normal
thing in the world for a waiter to do.
"He took our napkins, Charlie", Pauline said with surprise.
"I noticed that, Pauline...I guess he didn't want anything in
your lap. You want me to ask him to bring them back?"
Pauline smiled warmly. "No, I can get by without one if you
can. Would you like for me to tease him some?"
"I'd like that very much, Pauline. Especially if it will make
you wet. You know how much I like for you to be wet already when I
touch you", Charlie replied, grinning.
"Oh, it will make me wet, Master...I'm wet already just from you
showing off my legs to him."
"Good. Pull your dress up so he can see your garters when he
comes back to our table. Do anything you think will make him hard",
Charlie instructed.
Pauline slid her dress up her thighs, uncrossing them as she did
so. When she had stopped letting the material rise her stocking tops
and her garters were plainly evident. A man seated to her right was
also very much aware of what she was doing and was trying his best to
watch without his wife noticing.
When I returned to their table to serve their coffee I was
greeted with a marvelous view of Pauline's very pretty legs. The

knowledge that my having taken the napkins away was not only accepted
but had resulted in an even better view of the adorable little slut
made my cock throb within my pants. I knew she could see it pressing
against the front of my pants, at least I felt as if she could, and
her eyes were certainly glued to my crotch as I poured the coffee.
"Do you think its hot in here?", I asked innocently. "Seems to
me its getting a bit warm...I'm going to have the manager check the
"Yessss...its definitely getting quite warm", Pauline said,
smiling, as I walked away. She slid the dress up even higher, much to
the delight of the man at the other table. At least six inches of her
bare thighs were now exposed and the straps of her garter belt were
visible on both sides as well as on the tops of her legs. She parted
them slightly, having to conciously fight the urge to reach between
them and rub her clit.
"The man at the table to your right is watching too, Pauline",
Charlie whispered to her. "He wants to fuck you too. I want to fuck
you, the waiter wants to fuck you and now that man wants to fuck you.
You're making dicks hard all over the restuarant."
"I know, Master", Pauline whispered back hotly. "My pussy is
getting so wet too and I wish so much I could touch myself there."
"Perhaps you should touch yourself there when the waiter comes
back, Pauline. I bet he'd like to see you with your hand between your

"Oh, but Master!....that would be soooo obvious. He'd think of
me as a hot little slut who gets so hot that she can't help but finger
herself wherever she is!"
"Yes he would, Pauline. Do it", Charlie replied evenly.
I served their food, managing somehow to get it on the table and
still watch Pauline as she slid her long fingers up the inside of her
right leg toward her pantied crotch. Her arm took the dress along as
it slid ever higher and before I was done serving she had slid her
fingers inside the edge of her panties and was rubbing her crotch
hotly, her head lowered and her eyes glued to the plate in front of
her. Her legs opened even more widely as she rubbed herself openly in
front of me.
I stood there transfixed by what was happening in front of me.
Somehow I managed to stammer, "I hope you will enjoy your breakfast.
And sir...I must compliment you on your taste in women. If I can be
of any further help to you, please let me know."
"I think we have everything we need at the moment", Charlie
responded. "We may have need of your services again before we leave,
however. Please check back with us in a bit. Pauline's needs have a
way of growing at times as you may have noticed."
Pauline was now running two fingers in and out of her cunt as we
talked. Her eyes closed and her head no longer bowed, her fingers

occasionally made a noisy slurping sound as she fingered her very wet
"Yes, I couldn't help but notice her "needs", as you put it and
please feel free to call on me if I can be of any help whatsover in
helping you enjoy your time here further. I get off work in just
about an hour now", I replied, still staring at the pretty woman
fingering herself so hotly.
"Thank you. We'll let you know before we leave", Charlie
responded as I turned to walk away. As I moved away from the table,
Charlie leaned closer to Pauline and whispered to her as he began
cutting the ham on her plate.
"You need to come, don't you, my quivering little slave?", he
Her eyes still closed, Pauline replied hotly, "Yesss, Master. I
need to come soooo badly! I'm sooo hot!"
"But if I let you come now your moans will fill the restaurant
and everyone will know what a slut you are. As it is now only the
waiter and I and the man who is watching from your right knows that.
Do you want everyone here to know that you're coming from fingering
your juicy little slit?"
"I...I don't know, Master...I just know I need to come. Can
I...can I try to come very quietly? It feels soooo good!" The words
came haltingly and broken by the hot lust that was coursing through

her body as she continued fingering herself.
"Maybe I should send you back into the kitchen so that the waiter
can fuck you. The cook might like to fuck you while you're back there
too. You need a cock, don't you?"
"Yes!!...I need one so bad, Master!" She swallowed hard, so
close now to coming and so unsure whether to let herself go over the
edge or not. "I'll go if you tell me to. I'll fuck anyone you say.
Just let me come!" The man at the other table was rubbing his cock
through his pants as he watched her.
"I'll invite the waiter to our room and he can fuck you there
while I watch...or maybe we'll both fuck you...would you like that,
Pauline?", Charlie asked.
"Yesss, Master...anything you say. Anything. Can I come now?"
"Go to the ladies room and finish yourself, Pauline. Then come
back and eat your breakfast. I think you're going to have a full day
ahead of you."
Pauline stood quickly, and just barely getting her dress down
before she turned toward the man who had been watching all along,
walked to the ladies room. Once inside the empty room she leaned
against the wall across from the door and ran her hand back inside her
now dripping panties and began hunching at her fingers hotly.
Exposing herself in the way her Master had made her and all the talk
about fucking had made her soooo hot! She bent at her knees, throwing

her head back against the wall and sticking a third finger into her,
rubbing her clit with her palm and playing with her breast through the
dress with her left hand. Her orgasm hit her like a truck, coursing
through her body and seeming to lift her from the floor, only to drop
her back heavily as the passion coursed through her.
The sounds she made were a mixture of moans and grunts as her
hand gripped her cunt tightly and her hips bucked hotly. Finally the
passion subsided and she slumped back against the wall letting her
breathing return to normal as she licked the sweet juice from her
When she returned to the table her Master smiled at her warmly.
"I spoke to the waiter while you were gone and he is coming up to the
room when he gets off work. I know you've come now and that your
fingers still smell of the fuck that ran from your hole. I like that,
almost as much as I like the fact that two men will soon be using you
in the room. You will please our friend the waiter, won't you
"Yes, Master. I'll do anything for both of you. You know my
body is yours to command and that nothing pleases me more than letting
you use me. I can hardly wait!"
As I slipped out of the waiters uniform and back into my own
clothes I felt a shiver of excitement run through my body in
anticipation of what was to follow. I had been excited by Pauline in

a long distance way many times prior to this, but this had been my
first experience at being exposed to her sexual heat in person. I
couldn't wait to put her through her paces and to watch her passion
grow and grow as the day progressed.
Cindy, the little blonde waitress, stopped me as I moved through
the kitchen to the servants exit. "That woman you waited on...I
watched her in the ladies room. She didn't know I was there, but I
dont' think it would have made much difference if she had known. I've
never seen anyone so hot. Are you going to...."see" her while you're
staying here?"
I smiled at the pretty, young waitress. I had told Maurice, the
head waiter, exactly what our plans were for Pauline when asking to be
allowed to play at being a waiter. Evidently he had shared them with
Cindy. "Yes, I'm going to spend most of the day with her and
her...her boyfriend."
Cindy lowered her voice and turned away from the others in the
kitchen as she spoke to me. "I don't let many people know this, but I
find women very exciting too....if you need some help with her I sure
would love to be the one. If you know what I mean."
"Yes, I know exactly what you mean, Cindy", I replied. "Thanks
for letting me know. We may not be able to use you today, but perhaps
there will be other times. I'll tell Pauline that you liked what you

"Thanks!", she replied warmly and slid her hand along my crotch
rubbing my cock through my pants. "Don't forget now...and if you and
her boyfriend wear her out and still need some more, be sure to call
me. Maurice will give you my home phone number if I'm not here."
I rubbed her crotch lightly through the front of her short dress
and pecked her on the cheek before walking away. It was obvious that
the old adage of excellence attracting excellence applied to sexual
hunger as well. I felt very much at home.